Stoves Research Center – Bolivia


Welcome to Stoves Research Center- Bolivia.

The Stoves Research Center “CPC”, for its acronym in Spanish ‘Centro de Pruebas de Cocinas’, is an institution of research, development and testing of improved firewood  stoves, sponsored by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH Project Energizing Development (EnDev) – Bolivia and operated by the Research and Development Institute of Chemical Process-IIDEPROQ of the Mayor de San Andrés University (UMSA).

The CPC has as main activities of applied research, technology development and the implementation of international testing protocols in laboratory and field, in order to evaluate the performance of improved stoves and certify their efficiency in terms of energy efficiency, safety and air pollutants emission. In addition, the CPC provides technical assistance to projects and institutions engaged in the construction and/or dissemination of improved firewood stoves (biomass).

In this blog you will find the main results and news related to research, development and testing of improved stoves based on the work of the CPC-Bolivia.