Below you’ll find the most important institutions links related to research, development and testing of improved stoves.

Reference Institutions

  • EnDev – EnDev Bolivia Project – Energy Access
  • PCIA – The Partnership for Clean Indoor Air. Sponsored organization with more than 500 institutions that support research, development and expansion of improved stoves around the world.
  • ARC – Aprovecho Research Center. Nonprofit institution dedicated to research, development and dissemination of appropriate technology solutions.
  • IEMB – Indoor Environment Management Branch, National Risk Management Research Laboratory. Laboratory of the U.S. EPA dedicated to the study and emissions testing and energy efficiency improved stoves, and other activities.
  • EECL – Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory, Colorado State University. Improved firewood stoves desings, and standards and testing protocols development.
  • CINER – Information center of Renewable Energies.  Facilitation, planning, monitoring and evaluation of policies, programs and  energy projects. Active members of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, as well as PCIA and HERA.

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