The CPC-Bolivia has its own infrastructure and equipment. The CPC installations consist of a plant with a main office and a testing and work area for storage and stoves construction.

CPC – Bolivia

The office design has followed efficiency criteria for natural ventilation system, wood insulation and green areas above.

CPC View- UMSA Campus

CPC inside view

The testing area simulates a environment like standard rural kitchen, where the stoves are installed and appropriate testing are performed.

Malena Stove Testing

In the case of emission’s testing, a mixing chamber was designed and installed . This is a set of ducts that are constantly taking samples of indoor air and carrying the air to a chamber where a fast and homogeneous mixing is produced before passing through an air quality equipment. The air returns to the environment in order to maintain the natural ventilation conditions in rural stoves.

Additionally, data acquisition system for temperature has been installed in order to control efficiently the WBT testing and emissions.

Air quality and data acquisition monitoring system


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